About me

As you might have guessed already, my name is Johnny van der Zwaag and I live in the Netherlands. My main interest over the past few years is birding and bird photography. It all started in 2004 when I was on holiday in Southern Africa. One member of our tour group had a bird guide book and very soon I also began noticing birds all around: I was hooked! Using the guide book, we were able to identify most of them. Back home I started looking for a similar book for the Netherlands and found the Dutch translation of the Collins Bird Guide (de ANWB Vogelgids) that covers all birds found in Europe. With that guide I soon found and identified most of the common birds. In May 2007 I discovered, more or less by accident, a Red-rumped Swallow on the ground between several House Martins and that introduced me to rarities and eventually twitching of rarities across the Netherlands.


The three photos of the Red-rumped Swallow near Kornwerderzand: [nggallery id=8]